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1.My name is: Meghin Ulrich
2.My sex is: Female
3.My age is: 15
4.Location: Lakeland, Florida...ha which sucks!

Top 10 bands:
1. Green Day
2. My Chemical Romance
3. HIM
4. CKY
5. Nirvana
6. Beck
7. Chevelle
8. Future Leaders of the World
9. MudVain
10. Group X

Top 5 movies:

1. Napoleon Dynamite
2. The Notebook
3. Peter Pan (new one)
4. The Gift..scared the sh!t outta me!
5. Eurotrip

Describe yourself in 2 sentenses. Ha ha...Look at that dope! Ha this is my 2nd sentence!
Things you like,and dislike. I like ballons....I dislike rats.
Why should we accept you? Cause I like chapstick and so should you...nah...accept me cause I'm fun to be with
What is your opinion on gay marrige? Oh opinion? I believe that it is not anyones decision who you love. Not your parents. Not the government. Not even god. And when people say you will go to hell cause your gay then I ask them why? If God is that mean and he dosen't like you cause of your sexuallity than that's a whole bunch of monkey fingers!
What is your opinion on sXe? Ok....I have no problem with the people that believe in sXe unless they are the people who don't believe in all of it like no coffee no alcohol no sex no yeah you get the point but yet they cuss so much it ain't even funny....sXe is a good thing...I'm just not mom always taught me to have sex before marrige.

Three Clear pictures:

Ha ha ha! Me! Ha ha ha!
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