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1.My name is: Cori
2.My sex is: Female
3.My age is: 16
4.Location: Florida

Top 10 bands:
1. Alkaline Trio
2. Aqua
3. As I Lay Dying
4. HIM
5. Rancid
6. Rufio
7. MSI
8. Smashing Pumpkins
9. Evergreen Terrace
10. Killradio

Top 5 movies:

1. The Terminal
2. Drop Dead Fred
3. Fight Club
4. SLC Punk
5. I Am Sam

Describe yourself in 2 sentenses. I am a only child, my dad and granny have always gave me everything that I have ever wanted, so now I am nothing but a "bitch" so says my mom. I have really bad mood swings, bad enough to make me have to go to a place called Peace River, I didn't like going there and all I did was cry when they asked me questions like if my mom and dad have ever sexually abused me or if they have even abused me in any way at all.
Things you like,and dislike.  I like guinea pigs and hamster, water and diet coke. I dislike people who lie and people who cover up and try to be somebody else.
Why should we accept you? Because I am blunt, and I could help get this community more people.
What is your opinion on gay marrige? I am all for it, I don't believe that if two people of the same sex get married it's going to hurt any of us anymore than if they are just together as a couple.
What is your opinion on sXe? I am not sXe but I believe that if that's the way somebody wants to be then they should do their best on being what they want to be.

Three Clear pictures:

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